The Alcoholism-Drugs Service

The Alcoholism-Drugs Service is a state service that implements treatment for people and their families due to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems. We offer a range of treatment, information, education, and community-based support for people affected by alcohol and drug use. All our services are available, voluntary and confidential. We work with adults and also with young people. We, at the Alcoholism-Drugs Service, help people receive treatment and support. We know that family members, co-workers, and employers are confused about what to do. Addicts become shadows of their original self, and some die too soon. We have cooperated with the best doctors, physicians and operations personnel currently working in the field of treatment. The treatment we offer is well equipped to manage any situation.

Addiction-Drugs service is helpful and ready to take action. We focus heavily on mental illness with substance use disorders. One of our services includes CBT which stands for the cognitive behavior test in which this therapy emphasizes the role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. With the help of the therapist and the client, this therapy includes depression and anxiety. We aim to ensure that people affected by the use of alcohol drugs have access to appropriate, timely, effective and quality services, supports and treatment that is on contemporary best practices. These are proven to encourage our customers to say what they mean. We are here to welcome you and help you with your inquiries. We are all in these together!